Inception Our process begins once Studio M is engaged. This stage is the birth of the project. An open discussion helps us discover who you are as a client and what your vision is. Our intention at this phase is to inspire and establish a brief through visual queues, sketches, materials and finishes.

Concept Whenever possible, a site visit allows us to familiarize ourselves with the context, orientation and spirit of the space, which always plays a crucial role in the design direction. We explore user experience and spatial needs to identify the best space planning solutions, proportions and key design ideas.

Development A comprehensive drawings package is prepared, identifying finishes, schedules, fittings and equipment. Our main focus is the successful execution of the project, by carefully investigating details and installation methods for the bespoke solutions of your space.

Sourcing We believe that the beauty lies in the details. From furniture, fabrics and lighting down to the specialty hinges and hardware, all elements are carefully curated and sourced to complete and elevate your space. We oversee the full scope from producing detailed schedules including specifications, prices and lead-times to managing the procurement, delivery and installation. We can also consider art and accessories, upon request of the client.

Administration At this stage, the design package is presented to the contractor and multiple workshops are conducted to ensure the project is priced accurately. We offer our clients the advice and support; to ensure that the proposed price meets the expectations of all involved parties.

Execution The design of a project is only as good as its execution. Our role in the construction phase goes beyond just site supervision. We adopt a hands-on approach and work closely with our trusted team of contractors and vendors, to ensure the successful execution of the design with precision and in a timely fashion.