Index gets Featured in Interior Design Magazine

A penthouse reigns in icy perfection high above sun-scorched Dubayy, United Arab Emirates. Studio M principal Abboud Malak fashioned the immaculate triplex for a bachelor art dealer with an extensive collection of Middle Eastern contemporary works, and the living area serves as a grand gallery, soaring to 24 feet. Most walls are pure white in deference to the art and the astounding panoramic views from the Foster + Partners skyscraper. Accent walls ended up almost the same shade of graphite gray as the window mullions. “We repainted four or five times,” Malak admits. A flinty gray was his original proposal for flooring—something to help ground the aerie. But the bachelor insisted on white, so Malak had large-format, square white glass tile laid. Grinders then honed the surface to a virtually seamless satin finish throughout the 15,000-square-foot apartment. The delicate operation took weeks, but not a single tile cracked.

In the ceilings, crisply detailed ribbonlike slots house lighting, vents, and sprinklers. A stairwell linking the three levels has similar wall slots instead of handrails. The stair itself is charcoal-gray brushed oak; balustrades are glass chosen for its crystal clarity with no hint of green. “When everything’s white, anything that’s not really shows,” Malak notes. For that same reason, he specified furniture in a restricted palette of white, gray, and black. Then, as construction ended, colorful artwork arrived by the truckload.